Acacia Honey – 500g

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Source of Nectar: Yellow Acacia

Color: Light Yellow

Taste: Mild with Vanilla hint

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Acacia Honey

Acacia is light colored and the most useful honey with a sweet and mild taste. Acacia honey is extracted from the nectar of Yellow Acacia flower trees, grown in Northern Areas of Pakistan. White Acacia is common in many places. It is slow to crystallize. The color of Acacia will depend from where it has been gathered. As the while Acacia is transparent and the yellow Acacia is light yellow. It is the best choice for young kids because Acacia increases the appetite. This honey is perfect to use in cooking or just utilizing it as an ideal option in contrast to prepared sugars for a healthy living. Acacia is rich in Minerals, Potassium, Calcium and Zinc.

Acacia Honey

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